SP2010 April CU stops incoming emails to a list or calendar

If you have followed my earlier post “Setting Up Incoming Mail to a List or Calendar” then you will most likely have a working incoming email configuration for your SharePoint 2010 environment. However, the laws that be at Microsoft have inadvertently released a bug in the April (2012) CU that will affect the incoming mail process.

The symptoms of this bug are that your email request will have been successfully sent through the Exchange process and arrived at your drop folder on your SharePoint web front end servers in the form of an ‘.EML’ file ready to be picked up by the timer job called ‘Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Incoming mail’. However, since the April CU was applied the .EML file will remain in the drop folder and is not picked up by the timer job. This is a frustrating bug and if you were to analyse the ULS logs a little deeper you are likely to get entries similar to the screenshot below and in particular the EventID of 6871.

The error is down to the Incoming Mail timer job somehow now being dependent on your site collection having a quota set. If you leave the site collection with the default quota of ‘0’ then the emails will fail to be picked up by SharePoint. However, this is not always consistent as I have a working SharePoint farm that is on the same farm level version with no quotas set for the site collection and incoming mail is working perfectly (very weird). So if you are unlucky to encounter this issue, then help is at hand as there are two options that you can run with which are detailed below:

Option 1: Configure your site collection with a site quota to your required specification. Once you make the changes the incoming emails that are sitting in your Drop folder will be picked up the next time the timer job has run.

Go to Central Administration > Application Management > Configure quotas and locks > Select the relevant site collection from the drop down menu > on the Site Quota Information section, set the limit to your desired number (e.g 10000 MB). Note: This be the new storage limit of your site collection so make sure have catered for future growth of the site collection.

Option 2: Download and apply the Microsoft hotfix KB2598348 which includes the fix for this bug. One thing to take into consideration for this resolution is that it will likely to bring your farm version level to July 2012 so you will need to test your new farm version in your development or staging environment to ensure it is stable for your site collections.


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